The Reader

I am a reader. Reading has been my passion ever since I learned to walk and talk. Books were my favorite gifts at Christmas and on my birthday. Besides being an avid reader, I am also a writer. I learned to love writing because of the books I read and the stories I was exposed to. As I have grown up I have learned to appreciate the art of storytelling in all it’s forms which not only includes books but music, film, the theatre, photography, painting, and more! Reading has not taken me to another universe but has plunged me deeper into our own and because of reading I have learned a lot about the world, about my faith as a Christian, and about myself. I guess in the end I have to thank God for blessing me with such awesome parents who read to me every night before I went to sleep and refrained from buying me a TV for my bedroom.

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"Carpie Diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." This quote is probably the most famous line from Touch Stone’s 1989 classic, Dead Poets Society. Starring the semi-newcomer Ethan Hawke, and the talented Robin Williams as the English professor everyone wants to have at least once during their education career, Dead Poets Society takes place at an all boys Catholic boarding school in the 1950s. The story focuses on a group of boys and their experience with their new English teacher, Professor Keating.


When I was nine years old, Harry Potter was a growing phenomenon. Kids were going crazy for these books. I can still remember sitting with my friends at lunch time and laughing about how stupid it all was. I mean, c’mon. Who wants to read a book about a boy wizard? It seemed ridiculous.

Now it is almost 15 years later and I have just finished reading the first book for the seventh time. To some that may seem like a real accomplishment. To others it may seem like a small number compared to the number of times they have read it. And to the select few buzz kills, they think it is a waste of time. You know who you are.

Every month on Disney Danielle I plan to have a week dedicated to recommending something that isn’t purely Disney but has ties to it. This week I am recommending a podcast called Literary Disco!


August is coming to a close and that means college freshman are buying their first books and packing their college dorm supplies for a brand new semester. Now that I have graduated and completed school, there are many epiphanies that I wish I would have had during my 4 years that would have helped me a lot as an English major. So in order to not let these realizations go to waste, I offer 3 essential must haves come upcoming English majors.


For today’s Wasted Wednesday I have decided to talk about the newest addition to the Disney Pixar library of films - Monsters University.  This computer animated prequel is one that was highly anticipated, mostly because the last two films Pixar has released have been awful compared to their usual quality and because Monster Inc., like most Pixar films, is beloved by millions.  With Toy Story revisiting it’s characters twice and being successful, Pixar seemed to have nothing to lose by returning to the monster world since their last two films were flops.  It seems this may become a pattern since Pixar is soon to release Finding Dory which revisits the world of Finding Nemo.  I was a bit weary about this film since Pixar hasn’t been doing as well as I usually expect from them but I found the film to be typical Pixar, which means it was an A+++++++++! 



For the past four books, George R. R. Matin has used a specific and visually appealing format to structure his chapters. There is always a character name about the text that represents which P.O.V we will be reading from (though this format was bent somewhat in A Feast for Crows) and there is always an elaborate floral looking banner at the top of the page. That hasn’t particularly changed in the fifth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire. The P.O.V still remains and the floral banner still resides. What makes them different in A Dance with Dragons verses the other four books? Suddenly the P.O.V heading is smaller as well as the banner and there is a whole lot less page showing. I had to gulp in shock. Entering this book was intimidating already but this was icing on the cake. I knew I was in for a roller coaster of a book!

I was sitting in the family room, watching Jeopardy with my grandma. My dad was upstairs trying new clothes on and my mom was in the living room discussing vacation plans with a friend. It was a relatively ordinary evening. I had made dinner that night instead of my mother which was a welcomed change but other than that, everything seemed particularly dull. As we watched Jeopardy, a red banner appeared at the bottom of the screen with white letters. At first I thought it was a weather alert but upon reading the text, my mind first jumped to Tracey Morgan who I knew had been in a bad accident a few weeks ago. I assumed this may be an update on his condition. And then my eyes saw the name Robin Williams and my brain slowly registered what I was reading. Robin Williams found dead. Death by suicide, it said.